Why We Love London Fashion Week

You don’t have to be a fashionista to embrace and enjoy London Fashion Week, as there is plenty on offer for everyone to get involved in.

Obviously, Fashion Week itself is strictly a trade event for industry professionals but you can still enjoy some of the shows as you can watch them live, through an online free stream. So you can enjoy the show, designers and clothes all from the comfort of your living room or maybe even on your lunch break at work!London-Fashion-Week-AW-20101

The Vodafone London Fashion Weekend runs from 19th to 22nd September at The Somerset House and is welcome to the public, also you might be surprised to know that tickets start from under £20! Plus, you can add on extras to your ticket such as a wash, cut and blow-dry for both men and women. It’s essentially a designer shopping event where the public can purchase items from designers of London Fashion Week.

If you attend you will receive a ‘show bag’ aka a goody bag… and everyone loves a goody bag! The bags typically contain products and samples from a range of designers and brands. This season, upcoming designer Sister by Silbing has designed the tote show bag.

If you fancy a drink and want to admire fashion industry professionals from afar then head to The Mayfair Hotel, as it’s the official hotel for London Fashion Week. Also, just to make it that little bit better they have created a spa treatment specifically for Fashion Week that you can enjoy!

After all the excitement of Fashion Week you might as well grab a ticket for £12 for the ‘Help A Capital Child’ LFW Closing Party. The party includes: live music, DJs, catwalk shows, free drinks on arrival and much more. What better way to celebrate London Fashion Week with some of the best entertainment and free drink all for £12?!


Things To Do In London Now The Kids Are At School!

So finally the long summer holidays are over and congratulations you can get your life back! If you’re in need of inspiration then here’s the perfect little list of some great things you can do in your spare time without having to entertain the little ones.

Southbank Centre Book Market

A great place to head if you’re a book lover as you can browse through endless second-hand books to discover something that’ll tickle your fancy without having anyone to nag you to hurry up.


Hampstead Heath

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch the world go buy and what better way then to sit comfortably in Hampstead Health, you could even be reading a book you just picked up at Southbank!

Oxford Street Fashion Showcase

Now if shopping is your thing or you’re in need of a little retail therapy, then Oxford Street is the place to be as they’re celebrating Fashion Week from 1st September to 17th. Including exclusive talks from famous British designers and blogger style sessions plus lot’s more. Well worth a visit for any fashion lover!

Homemade London

If you fancy something a little creative, Homemade London offer a range of craft workshops that you can take part in. At the moment their currently running an Introduction to Perfume-Making, where you get to “create your own perfume blend to take away with you”.


London Restaurant Festival

If you’re more of a ‘foodie’ then this is right up your street. With two sections to the festival: Events and Festival Menu’s. There are loads of different events you can get involved in including, Tapas Tour, Gourmet Odysey and Cicchetti Trail.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy it especially not having to worry about any ‘little ones’ for a good few hours!