A Guide to Moving House

moving-houseStatistics – and real life – go to prove that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a persons life (third only to bereavement and divorce.) However with good planning and organization this does not need to be the case. Obviously a larger budget can offset stress vs cost more easily, by simply paying others to do all the leg-work, however, even this approach requires careful planning. Here at Woolwich Central we’ve put together 5 things to think about which will make ‘the big move’ that little bit less stressful, no matter what budget you’re working with.

  1. Make a list of people and companies you need to notify. This includes (but is not limited to) banks, electricity companies, internet providers, doctors, employers and the council. The Royal Mail re-direction service is a helpful way to ensure your bills don’t go astray. For friends and family members a simple e-mail will suffice- one less expenditure on stamps, and saves the arm ache of writing out all their addresses!
  2. Removals. Talk to family, friends and colleagues to see who they recommend, then get quotes from at least 3 different firms. Hiring professional packers is almost definitely worth the outlay, and if you’re going DIY then assure you have an excellent colour-coding  system for room allocations. Also think about insurance for your possessions whilst they’re in transit. Also (and it seems basic) but will your old furniture fit in your new house?
  3. Take this as an opportunity to de-clutter and clean! Get rid of anything that you never use: old relics from forgotten hobbies and dusty magazine collections. If you’ve forgotten you had them, chances are you no longer need them- there are even specialists who can help you ‘let-go’ and de-clutter.
  4. Ask for a guide for your new house. If you have a folder containing important info, from the numbers of local tradesmen to how to put the heating on, recycling schemes and burglar alarms, then your transition into your new home will be a lot easier.
  5. Finally, on the day get rid of all distractions. Send the children and pets away so you can focus on logistics. Collect up all spare keys and change the locks on your new home. Once the boxes are unloaded set yourself an un-packing deadline – stick to it!

This is just a very brief summary, but moving house is certainly a situation where the age old mantra ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’ holds true.  If you’re looking for help when moving, tweet us @WoolwichCntrl or check out this article.