A Brief Guide to: Eating Out in London

As a brief guide to eating out in London there are a few key points that one must adhere to.

Firstly, know what mood you’re in. If you can’t yet decide between Pizza or Chinese then deciding between the – literally thousands – of restaurants, bars and cafes that London has to offer will be no mean feat. Once you’ve settled on a cuisine, so long as you also have an idea of budget, you’ll be off to a flying start.

Now you can sit back and feel smug- you’ve lucked out ; the thriving metropolis that is London town, along with its 5570 restaurants (according to that bastion of British commerce, the yellow pages) await you with frying pans, casserole dishes and soufflés in hand. Whether you’re after haute cuisine, a quick brunch or a casual supper with friends, there is guaranteed to be something amongst the eateries of London to hit the spot.

Moreover, our diverse capital offers an array of genuinely authentic food from across the globe, so if you’re keen for a curry then head to Brick lane, if you’re feeling wealthy then Mayfair offers several fantastic establishments, or conversely Brixton village market in south London offers some great gastronomy that will tingle your taste-buds on a budget.

Adding to all of this, London’s endless range of Public houses offer hearty home cooked fare, so be brave, try something new, and make the most of what eating out in London has to offer!

And if you fancy winning a three-course meal for two completely free in the beautiful Dial Arch Restaurant in Woolwich, then head over to our Facebook page for details.


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